Spartak.One - project created 
by freelancers for freelancers





Spartak.One - a project designed to create a comfortable living environment for a freelancer, increasing competitiveness and efficiency based on a holistic lifestyle.


We make so that the freelancer:


     * DOES NOT burn out;

     * DOES NOT lose personal relationships;

     * DOES NOT lose health;

     * Constantly evolving;

     * Earns a lot.


A common problem for freelancers is time management and lifestyle management in general. We are creating a service Support Freelancer Lifestyle to solve this problem.


             A freelancer is a free specialist. That is, a person who is a specialist in a certain field and performs work on order.

            Freelance lifestyle is completely different from the way of life of the employee. A freelancer needs to independently solve all the tasks of ensuring his own life, organizing the work process and getting a satisfying result.




Declared result



1) Building a COMMUNITY of freelancers of 300 Spartan freelancers on Spartak.One for the operation service Support Freelancer Lifestyle as group leaders:


   o Novice freelancers - those who want to become freelancers or are already beginning freelance path.

   o Working freelancers - those who already are freelancers and are in the process of gaining experience freelance lifestyle.

   o Experienced freelancers - those, for whom freelancing is already a natural way of life and use service Support Freelancer Lifestyle for personal purposes.



2) Using innovative TOOLS:


o Mobile neuro headsets (EEG).

   Brainwave readers for assessing the current state of the psyche.


o Bio feedback headsets (ECG).

   Heartbeat reading devices for assessing physical condition.


o Avatarization.

   A tool for digitizing the physical, intellectual and psyche states of a freelancer. The synchronized freelancer avatar is used for virtual interactions within the project.


o Virtualization.

   A virtual space created and developed for service use and for interaction between freelancers through their avatars.


o Psychotechnologies.

   Technologies for working with the psyche, developed by SRI Psychotechnologies (Russian Federation).


o WHO recommendations.

   In Spartak.One project activities using the WHO recommendations.


o Interactive Intelligent Interface.

   Long-term development of the founder and leading specialist Alex Earth, focused on convenient, logical and interactive user interaction with the service.


   The interface uses:

        ▪ Interactive bot for organizing user interaction with the service;

        ▪ Microsoft Health Bot for diagnosing user health;

        ▪ Interface algorithms are based on a psycho-binary language.



3) Offer SERVICE Support Freelancer Lifestyle, aimed at:


   o Freelancer development;

   o Freelancer education;

   o Freelancer life organization.



Features Freelancer Lifestyle



The freelance lifestyle has its pros and cons. To avoid cons, solutions are needed, which are an additional task for a freelancer and they are not part of self-development and work.











1. Freedom to organize own time 

1. Time management problem 

1. Time management 

2. Free choice of the surrounding society 

2. Lonelinessfeeling of uselessness 

2. Virtual socialization 

3. Freedom to organize physical training 

3. Drop in physical tone 

3. Online collectivization for training 

4. Freedom to organize family life 

4. Lack of time for family 

4. Time management  

5. Unlimited income 

5. Income volatility 

5. Improving your own qualifications 

6. Freedom in the choice of work performed 

6. The need to be a "jack of all trades" 

6. Improving your own efficiency 





What does Spartak.One consist of (modules)?



Spartak.One offers for its part ORGANIZE the solutions implementation for a freelancer.

This happens through the project tools, which are aimed at supporting self-development, self-education and self-organization, which, as a result, leads to the self-realization of the freelancer.


   o Self-development:

        ▪ Collecting data about yourself (DATA.Spartak.ONE);

        ▪ Improvement and support of cognitive functions (UNIC.Spartak.ONE);

        ▪ Formation of desires / goals (EUGENICS.Spartak.ONE).


   o Self-education:

        ▪ Time management (WIKI.Spartak.ONE);

        ▪ Acquisition of knowledge (AVA.Spartak.ONE);

        ▪ Establishing a connection with reality (GENIUS.Spartak.ONE).


   o Self-organization:

        ▪ Energy management (PASS.Spartak.ONE);

        ▪ Organization of behavior use (NET.Spartak.ONE);

        ▪ The action itself (GENESIS.Spartak.ONE).



Spartak.One provides all the tools, technologies and techniques to achieve maximum efficiency Freelancer Lifestyle.